The Project

The developer of the program, the BHIM RAO Association was established in 2003. The organization is composed of parents, teachers, students,students ' public figures who consider the social advancement of students living in extreme poverty. Our members may have personal examples, since most of them came from disadvantaged environment, and have broken out of their circumstance by learning.

Our organization has developed several European Union, domestic and other funded programs in the period between 2003 and 2016., Some of which accounted for disadvantaged people in non-formal education, anti-discrimination, social nature and cultural programmes with significant success. During oru 10 years of operating we have helped over 500 student-school programs, scholarship programs, and educational programs.

In the present project, Roma Mentor Program is intended to operate in settlements populated under 5000, where the proportion of disadvantaged students and the number of roma children, compared to the national rate numbers are more representative. These settlements are: Bátonyterenye, Jászkisér, Kerecsend, Nógrádmegyer, Sajókaza, Ároktő, Sáp, Szendrõlád:, Told, Mátraverebély.

Our goal is to intergrate children with low educated parents and difficult financial circumstances. The direct target group of the program are primary school pupils in the upper school, who are 10-14 years of age are mostly roma and non-roma origin, disadvantaged students, who together form a mixed group to participate in the workshops and are selected by the BHIM RAO Association and the cooperating institutes . The target group of the project on the other hand, are the 140 families involved, parents, siblings, relatives, and people in the local communities involved in the program. Our main goal is to convince children not to listen to the previous negative experience, but rather focus on current tasks with our selected Mentors .

We intend to direct their attention to new learning objectives instead of unhelpful thoughts like abomination, boring subjects, etc. The personal Mentor will help them to achieve realistic short and long term goals, ba giving an example of being dare to dream about their future positively, which could vary. The way the objectives of the student shall be divided into small steps ba the children and their Mentor to make them designable even measurable. The students learning effectiveness will be increased, by the Mentor and his efforts to make the intent of mentoring. In this climate, the child learns to express himself freely.

The culture is an important part of the music, dance, art, painting, sculpture, drama, the combinedexperience of self-expression, the personality of the completeness of it.

Our long-term goal is to provide roma children to change perceptions, self esteem is by a romapéldaképekkel acquaint, whose personal example and experience will increase yourknowledge of the roma culture, children and through target and hope to the lives ofthe children. In the context of this invitation to tender is marked by a majority of the cooperating partner organizations in the implementation of a number of joint bodies.

The key to the success of the program, as well as the professional dedication to the local partner that is active in the town, where the program has been implemented.Has more insight to the local characteristics, as well as local values can be included in the implementation.

The gyerekcsoportok foglalkozásait non-formal learning content through the use of education and into art therapy methods. The sessions in the afternoon, primarily in school or at the seat of the non-governmental organization.The children's age and the type of activity depending on occupation of 2-3 hours in length. On the same day of the week of the sessions should be scheduled, thereby promoting consistency and regularity. For the kids so you can help the routines and the emotional ties.

The duration of the project under a time we are planning a trip to visit external sites.

The professions linked to it is possible to gyerekcsoportoknak a vendégmentor, who at the invitation of the art out beyond the children take part in the expansion of knowledge.

The professional Mentor Programme for Roma programme guarantees that the children and the wider target group involved in the socialdevelopment of competences, entrepreneurship education, action against discrimination contributes to the increase of the value of social capital, the promotion of non-discrimination, as well as in the workplace, housing, access to education.